Horizon CDT Research Highlights

Research Highlights

The Use of Personal Data in Automated Digital Manufacturing Environments

  Joshua Duvnjak (2020 cohort)

My research revolves around the theme: the use of personal data in automated digital manufacturing environments. To study this, my project will involve a three-step process: discovery, design/development and evaluation.

The discovery phase will include the studying of the current literature around trust in automation and further adding to the literature through experiments. To achieve this, I will look at three different case studies which are in potential manufacturing tasks. These are the use of automation in a variable assembly task, the use of automation in a fault detection task and the usage of automation in a human-robot teleoperation task. This is the current stage of my PhD project.

The design/development phase will look to develop a solution that uses personal data to affect a user’s trust in an automated system. This might include the use of a workshop with members of manufacturing settings to understand how they feel about trust in automation and what might make them trust automation more if they had to work with it on a regular basis. It should also be possible to develop a digital solution and pull from the previously gathered data on trust to create a solution that would have an effect on trust.

The final evaluation stage will look to use a technology probe to examine the effects the solution has on trust in representative manufacturing environments. This can then be evaluated (both quantitatively and qualitatively) to understand what impact the solution had on a user’s trust in automation. The technology probe will be the solution developed during the design/development phase.