Horizon CDT Research Highlights

Research Highlights

An Investigation into the Role of Interface Design for Smart Homes

  Martin Kruusimägi (2011 cohort)   www.nottingham.ac.uk/~psxmk2

This research looks at intelligibility and visibility in interface design for the purpose of making people understand and feel more in control their smart homes. Smart homes can address thermal comfort through maximising comfort or minimizing discomfort. These strategies are experienced by users differently and their use for heating must be optimized. This research is based on the authors deep-rooted belief that the success of smart-homes or intelligent systems in general is built on the fruitful unification of design and technology. Meaning, smart-homes will not be adopted into the mainstream until efficient communication between the system and users is at the core of system design.

This author is supported by the Horizon Centre for Doctoral Training at the University of Nottingham (RCUK Grant No. EP/G037574/1) and by the RCUK’s Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute (RCUK Grant No. EP/G065802/1)