Horizon CDT Research Highlights

Research Highlights

An investigation into methods of online Lead-user identification

  Matthew Terrell (2011 cohort)   www.nottingham.ac.uk/~psxmt4

Individuals accredited for innovations are described using an assortment of terms referencing either the context in which their activities occur or the extent to which the activities are determined a success. Amongst these innovative individual are Lead-users, defined by two characteristics: they discover needs earlier than the general market place, and expect to receive high benefit from obtaining the solution to these needs [1]. In my researcher I am investigating the various methods of identifying lead-users in online communities.


  1. E. Von Hippel, “Successful Industrial Products from Customer Ideas,” Journal of Marketing, 1978.

This author is supported by the Horizon Centre for Doctoral Training at the University of Nottingham (RCUK Grant No. EP/G037574/1) and by the RCUK’s Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute (RCUK Grant No. EP/G065802/1)